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    With the launch of their CMA 2020 edition Gleim has updated their CMA review program to not only account for the new CMA exam changes but to incorporate their proprietary adaptive technology into the course.  The course now includes their SmartAdapt platform that creates a customized learning path for each candidate telling them where they need to study and when they are ready to pass with confidence.  Additionally, the 2020 edition contains more videos including essay walkthroughs, an enhanced user interface, and complete coverage of the new 2020 exam Content Specification Outlines. 

    Chapter pricing is as follows for our members: 

    Premium Review System (SET):  $1599 retail for our members $1199.25

    Premium Review System (Part):   $  950 retail, for our members $  712.50

    Traditional Review System (Set):  $1349 retail, for our members $1146.65

    Traditional Review System (Part):  $ 825, retail for our members $ 701.25 

    For more information or to order contact Alexandra Graham at 1.800.874.5346 ext 428 or at  You can also place your order online at