President's Message

IMA Pittsburgh is on Facebook:

I passed the CMA exam back in 1997.  For me, it was a way that I could show that I was accomplished in my field and specifically in the area of management accounting.   I am proud of this designation and it has served me well in the past 20 years allowing me to advance in my career.   Over these many years, I had made it a habit to attend at least 1 or 2 meetings of the Pittsburgh IMA chapter each year.   For most of that time, I have worked almost an hour and a half from downtown Pittsburgh but found that these meetings were always informative and worth my efforts to attend.

                In the spring of 2016, I was at a monthly meeting were there was an announcement that there was a need for chapter board members. Several of the current board had served faithfully for many years and were retiring from the board.   I gave it some serious thought over the next few months.   I always enjoyed the meetings and the people but I was concerned about how much time I could devote.   But after careful consideration, I volunteered to serve as the publicity coordinator.   It was a task that I could do in my spare time and really did not take much of my time. I successfully launched our Facebook page during my first term. If you think that you would like to help but not sure how, I would encourage you to talk with a board member. Every little bit helps and your contributions now will help to make the chapter stronger for future IMA members.

                This year, I was elected as the Pittsburgh Chapter President.   It has been an honor to serve as President. Fortunately, I have a great group of Board members to help me in this endeavor.   Without their efforts, the chapter would not be able to function.   I want to thank them for all their support.  

                With the new year, we are trying to mix things up a bit.   We are trying to make the meetings an even greater benefit by offering 2 CPE credits at several of our meetings. Where else can you get 2 CPE credits, an awesome meal, and networking opportunities all for $35?   And speaking of network opportunities, we are looking to give you several more opportunities to network with fellow IMA members. During this past summer we had a great time at Pirate Game and have several more events planned for the coming months.   Read the newsletter and follow us on Facebook for more information.

                I would encourage you to make an effort to attend at least one of our meetings scheduled for 2018. We have great speakers to discuss topics such as Tax Updates and Ethics. And later in the Spring, we are planning for a Student night that should be a great time.     Please come out and join us.  


Keith Schwarz, CMA